When the market opens up and then fades down below the low of previous day — Bears are good and feel accomplished. During the last couple of hours, it reverses course and ends up closing above the last trading session. This makes bulls cheer up, and leaves bears holding the…

Thought Process: When the stock is in a bull trend, every bearish candle gives hope to the short traders that it is the top and we are in newly formed bear trend, which will provide ample profits.

We all know what happens 80% of the time.

Unfortunately, in the trading…

Nobody likes uncertainty. In addition, when you are uncertain, and restless — you make mistakes. Emotion and jittery kicks in which makes situation even worse.

Here is a dictionary definition
“vague; indistinct; not perfectly apprehended”

If you apply that feeling to your trading set ups, it usually happens when you…


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